New: Expert survey

Further information on our expert survey can be found here.


We are currently planning a study on family dynamics and children of families with gender-varied parents. This study is being conducted in cooperation with the "Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)"(university hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany) and the support group Hanse-X-Men.

If you

  • are gender-varied with one or more child(-ren)
  • are a partner of a gender-varied person with one or more child(-ren)
  • grew up in a familiy with a gender-varied person or are currently growing up there 

We need your support!

You can also find an online-presentation (in German and in English) below ("Prezi"). There you can find out about our study interactively. We invite you to have a look!