Dear trans*-people, dear family,

my name is Silvano and I have been through the transition process myself. I am currently studying medicine at the "Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf" (university medical school Hamburg, Germany) and co-chair the support group "Hanse-X-Men" in Hamburg.

Sometimes, family is the strongest form of support during difficult times. However, family can also be the cause for suffering if one is met with lack of understanding and empathy, if one can't understand one's father / mother, one's partner or if oneself as a gender variant person feels unsupported by one's family.

My colleague Jonas and I want to know how the transition process affects partnership and children of gender variant people in order to support the whole family during the transition. Therefore, we need as many of such families as possible to participate in our study.

Each and every family is different, and we can only try to understand the whole picture if enough families participate. I want to personally ask you to contact us if you are gender variant with a family yourself, if your partner identifies as gender variant or if you grew up in a family with a gender variant person or are currently growing up there.

You can find further information on our study on our website. If you prefer to speak to us in person, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Kind regards,